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هاني عز - ويكيبيديا، الموسوعة الحرة
.a broad knowledge of ICT with in-depth insight of the essential aspects of the solution
worked directly with Hani, said about him:
Hani is a systematic
and smart team's leader who knows how to manage work and the teams he deals with. He set a great example for everyone who worked
under his supervision at Cubicx®. Anyone who works with him can attest to his efficient and effective communication, creative thinking,
professional business acumen and ethical conduct. He is a highly engaged leader who is well regarded and valued. Hani is very pleasant
and easy to work with. He has my vote of confidence. If Hani is not on your team, then you're missing out. I highly recommend working
.and connecting with him
Hani has studied:
Overview (Definition of Marketing, Difference Between Marketing and Sales), Marketing Mix (Product, Price, Place,
Promotion), Further Statement of Products (Product Definition, Product Classification, Product Life Cycle, Activities Related For Products,
.(Features and Benefits
Hani has studied:
Marketing Plans (Concept of Planning, Importance of Planning, Types of Planning, Planning Stages, Features of
Executive Plan), The Competitors (Evaluation of Existing Competitors, Analysis of Expected Competitors), Market Division
(Characteristics of Consumers 'Geographically, Residentially, Charts', Consumer Response 'Behaviorally', Identify Target for Markets),
.(Customers (Needs, Patterns of Personal Customers, Who is the Target Customer
Hani has studied:
Communication Skills (Definition of Contact, Basic Elements of Contact, Contact Functions, Obstacles of Contact,
Non-verbal Contact), Persuasion Skills (Concept of Persuasion, Factors Affecting, Persuasion Strategies), Sale Process (Importance of
Salesman, Morals of Salesman, Basics Skill of Sale Efficiency, Equipment and Tools of Salesman, Functions of Salesman, Common
.(Mistakes of The Salesmen), Visitation of Sale (Planning of Visit, Implementation of Visit, After The Visit
Hani has studied:
Digital Strategies for Marketing, Web Analytics: Integrating Website and E-mail Data, Strategic Search Engine
Marketing (SEM), Examining Social Media Networks, Content Development Strategies for Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization
(SEO), From Blogs to Buzz: How to Use New Media and Influence-Based Marketing, Social Media Policy and Governance, Social Media
Crisis Management, Internet Copywriting, E-mail Marketing for Optimal Campaign Results, Internet Marketing Strategies, Mobile
Marketing: Targeting the Right Audience, Mobile Marketing: Reaching the Third Screen, Advanced Web Analytics Using Omniture
SiteCatalyst, Data Ethics in Marketing, Advanced Social Media Marketing, Developing Online Videos for Digital Marketing, Developing,
Marketing, and Analyzing Mobile Apps and Platforms, Social Media Management, Social Media Marketing Analytics, Media Planning,
.Buying, and Analysis, Internet Market Research
Hani has studied:
Word Processing Functions (Be able to format text and documents including the ability to use automatic formatting
tools, Be able to use word-processing tools to automate processes such as document review, security and collaboration), Spreadsheet
Features (Be able to modify worksheet data, structure and formatting, Be able to sort data, manipulate data using formulas and functions,
and create simple charts), Communicating with Presentation Software (Be able to create and format simple presentations),
Communication Networks and the Internet Identify network fundamentals and the benefits and risks of network computing), Electronic
Communication and Collaboration (Identify different types of electronic communication/collaboration and how they work, Identify how to
use an electronic mail application, Identify the appropriate use of different types of communication/collaboration tools and the “rules of the